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Suzy grew up in northern California in the late 80's/early 90's. Her parents ran a fairly well-known underground comix publishing company called Rip Off Press with titles like the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Fat Freddy’s Cat. Always surrounded by amazing artists and their art, Suzy was highly influenced to create art of her own from a young age. 

In 2001, she relocated to Seattle where she spent a few years working as a graphic artist, while doing freelance illustration and doll painting on the side. In early 2007 Suzy embarked on her journey into the tattoo world when we was accepted for a tattoo apprenticeship. In 2010, she joined fellow tattoo artist Ruby Santiago to form Two Birds Tattoo in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. Together they run an all-female staffed, friendly neighborhood tattoo studio with a specialty in custom tattoos and excellent customer service. Suzy loves doing vibrant, colorful tattoos that blend realism with the graphic style of classic tattooing. Her favorite subjects are pinups, portraits, animals, food, and does very well with botanicals, plants and flowers.

In addition to tattoo, Suzy loves painting, sculpting, jewelry making, and generally any kind of visual craft that allows her to make something ordinary into a piece of art.