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Peep Show - Art opening at Spectrum House March 8, 2014 6-9pm

"Peep Show" a collection of my recent paintings in oil and watercolor will be on display at Spectrum House for the month of March, with a reception opening on Friday March 8th from 6-9pm. This coincides with the monthly Georgetown Art Attack art walk, so there's sure to be awesomeness.

My most recent series, Lover's eyes, is based on jewelry popular in the 18th century that featured a portrait miniature of the eye of a loved one mounted in a brooch. This stems from my interest in Jewelry making and the esoteric and Gnostic symbology associated with the eyes. I take the concept of the Lover's Eye Brooch and enlarge it to larger-than-life proportions to capture minute details found in the eyes. Just a small portion of a familiar face is taken out of it's normal context, positioned with the extravagance of jewels and gold makes for a powerful image that seems to regard the eye as a magical talisman.

More information to come!